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About Me


Leaving Childish Ways Behind
I grew up without a male role model and around women who very little regard for males.  I was destined to be a lazy, childish, coward slacker.  Yet, God in His mercy has rescued me from that life, into a life of becoming a mature Godly man.  Click here to read all about it.

Waiting For The Perfect One...For Me
It is no secret that we all long to connect to that special someone.  However, dating may not be the best way to find them.  It opens up the door of or hearts to many hurts and pain.  God longs to bring them to us, just like He did with Adam and Isaac.  He promises we will be joyful if we wait on Him.    Here is how He has done it with me.

How God gave me the strength and will power to lose close to 100 lbs. and keep them off.